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31 May, 2017

Print is not dead. As newsstand sales fall, smart publishers are turning to print placements to reach new readers and appeal to advertisers.

Any marketer will tell you, there are three Ps in marketing: product, price and place. Getting the product right is only part of the battle, particularly when it comes to publishing. In this digital age, producing a great magazine, newspaper or branded content is the easy part; determining where to find the right readers and how much to sell your product for are far greater challenges.

Place and price are inextricably linked. Newsstand sales are in steep decline the world over. North American magazine newsstand sales fell a whopping 52.4% between 2011 and 2016 [MagNet]. UK consumer magazine readership contracted 5.6% last year, driven primarily by sliding sales through traditional news outlets [ABC]. As a result of this, and the wealth of free content just a click away online, publishers are slashing subscription prices.

These may seem like desperate times, but publishers need not resort to such desperate measures, says Stefan Ramseier, head of sales and logistics at distribution specialist Asendia Press EDS. There is another way: the placement of free print issues in specified locations to reach a publication’s (and advertisers) target readers. Here Stefan explains how publishers can use print placement to appeal to new readers and advertisers…

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