Customs Duty & Taxes online portal

wnDirect is the latest addition to the Asendia Group, enabling us to offer you access to their customs clearance portal. This e-Commerce retailer system collects duty, taxes and ID on behalf of your customers so their parcels can clear customs.

Depending on the destination country and your individual business needs, we can offer both Delivered Duty Paid and Delivered Duty Unpaid services.


Why use wnDirect's paperless customs system?

We simplify international customs by enabling you to quickly view which orders are awaiting customer action or customs approval.

Our paperless system offers early notification to local customs offices once items are in transit, reducing the potential for delays.

Parcels can also be held during ID upload and while duty payments are being collected. If the customer fails to do this, there are no returns to be managed, supporting your corporate social responsibility.

What is the shopper experience?

  • Quick and easy implementation process
  • All customer service enquiries are fully tracked
  • Customised emails designed with your branding
  • Parcels with charges still unpaid within 30 days will be returned
  • Multiple payment options including PayPal

Customs clearance made easy

Make customs clearance easy for your customers and your business with wnDirect's ID and duty management solution.

A guide to Duty models


Payment model Who is the Importer of Record? Who settles the payment duties and taxes incurred on import? Who pays additional fees such as clearance, storage and admin?
DAP Consumer pays at destination Consumer Consumer The customer (can be very high)
DDP The Retailer covers or collects the D&Ts Consumer Payment is made by the broker and invoiced back to the retailer The retailer (capped%)
DDU Consumer pays via online platform (wnDuty or CC Collect) Consumer Payment is made by the broker and invoiced back to wnDirect. Payment has been collected by wnD from the Consumer The retailer (capped%)

Depending on the destination, we can offer both DDP and DDU services.

  • For DDP, parcels are delivered to your customers and any duty and taxes are invoiced back to you.
  • For DDU, customers pay their own taxes, duties and fees through our secure wnDuty portal. They can also securely upload their ID if this is a customs requirement.

Want to know more about how your business can ebbnefit from our paperless customs process?

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