IT Integration

Consolidate with Asendia logistics platforms and tools through API allows you access your inventory and orders all the time. From goods reception to replenishing and reporting, it makes inventory process & warehouse activities easy.

Our flexibility and scalability coupled with the expertise in managing the process, ranging from storage management to order processing and distribution worldwide, bringing the e-tailers hassle-free operating solutions.

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API Integration

Being Asendia international shipping solutions customer, you will be able to access the services on Asendia logistics platform will be provided. Save time and enhancing operational processes through the ERP systems or mobile App to our IT systems, seamlessly connects to our system and tool.

Smart Warehousing System

Simplify warehouse management through our web-based WMS, regardless of your company size. Our eWMS is integrated with a variety of e-store providers, marketplaces and platforms, managing your outbound orders and fulfilment simply and easily. This is available for Asendia facilities only.


Inventory and Order management

Supply chain processing can be access and reflected your eCommerce platform for quicker decision making. Choosing our tailored order management system gives you convenience on consolidating the orders. Please check with us for the closest Asendia facility and service available.

Dashboard and Analytics

We provide a complimentary dashboard for managing in and out inventory, with real-time and transparent stock levels, to further saving on operating expenses. Plus exporting data from the system helps you make a better decision on your stock purchase and business plan. Please check with us for the closest Asendia facility and service available.

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Our seamless IT integration solutions promote efficiency and reduce costs associated with breakdown

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