Warehousing and Fulfilment

With local expert of logistics partners on warehousing & fulfilment services in Oceania, and combine with Asendia fulfilment capacity in Europe, Asia and the USA, expanding your business from all dimensions of support.

In Australia, we work with Tigers, who has one of the best eWMS tools and system for fulfilment customer, helps the local customers expanding their capacity to international sales.

In New Zealand, we have First Global Logistics who can handle your fulfilment services. They are ideally position as a transit hub and conduit for China to South America. First Global Logistics has RMP and AQ Assured approval, making them an ideal partner to handle your honey and dairy exports orders from NZ.

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We have the software seamlessly integrated into the supply chain services, gives you the full control on tools and choice of vendors.

Inventory Management

The reliable stock management process and app makes real-time inventory reporting, data return API and OMS easy.

Pick and Pack

There are over 7 facilities in Oceania offering the ‘pick and pack’ eCommerce fulfilment.

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Obtain the data as you desire format, with your available devices.


Whether you are a leading brand or young eCommerce business, our warehousing and fulfilment solutions are designed to offer your company optimum flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


We offer cost-effective and bespoke warehousing and fulfilment solutions to satisfy every specific requirement for different business needs.

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Our Warehousing and Fulfilment solutions offer your business one stop service that brings your goods safely to worldwide destinations

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