St John Ambulance

Charity St John Ambulance teaches and practises first aid in the UK and has been working with Asendia since 2008.

About St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance is a volunteer-led charity dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid in the UK. Last year alone, they trained 800,000 people to make the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Asendia prints, fulfils and despatches its training brochures and certificates, offering best prices for printing, postage and direct mail campaign fulfilment to curb the customer’s operating costs.

St Johns Ambulance Case Study


The Challenge

St John Ambulance has been working with Asendia since 2008. Especially being a charity, they require low-cost mailing for their National Training Brochure to 93,000 people and their Regional Course Schedule to 70,000 people twice a year. In addition, they also require around nine direct mail campaigns a month printed and posted.


The Solution

Asendia prints, polywraps and dispatches the training brochures and schedules from its 110,000 sq. ft. fulfilment and mailing centre in Bedford, as well as prints, encloses and mails 2,000 certificates a day and 4,000 reminders weekly to their trainees. Asendia also manages stock and returns. Direct mail pieces are digitally printed in the highest quality full colour, enclosed with a Business Reply Envelope and mailed to thousands of homes in the UK.

St John Ambulance benefits from Asendia’s best prices for printing and postage, as well as the time-saving and convenience of outsourcing fulfilment. Asendia’s downstream access service initiated savings on postage for all the mail. In addition, our data cleansing and enhancement services helped St John Ambulance to reduce their wasted materials, fulfilment and postage.

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St John Ambulance started using Asendia several years ago to print and fulfil direct mail marketing campaigns... We have entrusted them with more of our national business as they have helped to streamline and improve our communications services and have demonstrated significant cost benefits to our bottom line.

Asendia make a real effort to understand our business and the management of our account and the flexibility of the services they provide has remained consistently outstanding. Asendia set a very high standard of customer service and they’re genuinely a pleasure to work with.

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