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Logistics partners in Oceania

As a global delivery expert, Asendia is able to partner with the best local logistics providers in multiple locations.

For Australia and New Zealand, our trusted partners provide the best possible warehousing and fulfilment solutions; ensuring you receive a first-class service. All facilities are integrated to our international packet and parcel solutions, offering a seamless service from order receipt to delivery.


Details about our order fulfilment services


Tigers are our trusted local logistics partner in Australia

Tigers is a global logistics and transport company, specialising in bespoke supply chain solutions, e-fulfilment and transportation by air, sea, rail and road.




Specialising in many key sectors, they offer a variety of customisable logistics services in a simple and effective way.

With 70 offices in 11 countries and over 1000 employees globally, Tigers’ provides all our fulfilment and logistics services in Australia.



First Global Logistics provides all of our logistics services in New Zealand

First Global Logistics is New Zealand’s e-commerce logistics success story. They started in 2009, and are proud to say they are one of the fastest growing, most innovative logistics providers in the country.


They strive to provide professional, honest and worthwhile solutions to their customers international freight, 3rd party logistics, and e-commerce requirements.


Strategic locations across

Australia and New Zealand

Yellow Line
Tullamarine, Melbourne
400 m² office space and 2,000 m² temperature controlled facility 200m² office space 500m² office space
perth1-01 ADELAIDE-01 Tullamarine-01


Lynbrook, Melbourne
Brooklyn, Melbourne
Yennora, Sydney
12,000m² warehouse space 8,000m² warehouse space 18,000m² warehouse space







Caringbah, Sydney
Auckland, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand
300m² office space 4000m2 warehouse space with both RMP and AQ Assured approval 1000m2 warehouse space


Auckland-01 Christchurch-01


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