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The expert’s guide to France

In this guide one of Asendia’s experts on French e-commerce addresses some of the questions most frequently asked by businesses selling to France.

EN_ebook_The expert guide to French e-commerce

Why should you read this e-book?

As the third-largest e-commerce market in Europe, France is uniquely positioned – economically and geographically. But taking full advantage of this market requires some background and local knowledge.

Elodie Vauthier is one of Asendia’s E-Commerce and Product Manager, and an expert on French e-commerce. In this guide, she addresses some of the questions most frequently asked by businesses selling to France.



Contents of this e-book
  • The benefits of joining the France e-commerce market
  • Common challenges you may come across when sending parcel to France
  • The most frequently asked questions by businesses selling to France
  • and much more!
About Asendia and France

With La Poste, France’s major postal service provider, as our founding company, we’re uniquely placed to draw on that expertise and make the most of France’s outstanding transport and logistics links.

By combining our wealth of international and local expertise with France’s position as a natural crossroads in Europe and globally, we can design the most effective solutions for your business as you seek to expand into new countries. 



Parcel solutions that empower you to grow your business in France


e-PAQ Select powered in France by Colissimo is Asendia’s service designed for the French market and the needs of French consumers.  It’s already proven to be an effective and valuable solution for many of our customers including The Entertainer and Your Surprise.

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Sustainability comes naturally

La Poste was ahead of their time when focusing on sustainability. We are proud to continue that heritage by taking positive, responsible actions to minimize Asendia's impact on the environment.


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