Selling into Oceania & East Asia

The Oceania and East Asian markets are fast-growing and prosperous, offering an increasing base of shoppers for online retailers.


What can you expect from this ebook?

This whitepaper will provide an in-depth look at top marketplaces, and also provide an analysis of a survey demonstrating the toughest challenges merchants face when selling into these markets, followed by expert advice on how to overcome these challenges.


In this whitepaper produced by Tamebay, in association with Asendia & wnDirect, explore some of the biggest marketplace opportunities in Oceania and Asia, and learn what key marketplaces in these regions can offer merchants and how to take advantage of them.
Contents of this e-book
  • Why online merchants should consider selling to Oceania
  • Top marketplaces in East Asia & Oceania
  • Overcoming challenges merchants face in these markets

... and more



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