E-commerce retailers: How to sell to consumers in the Middle East

07 August, 2019

E-Commerce Destinations

The Middle East offers huge e-commerce potential for retailers willing to tap into an exciting new market.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman and Israel are all experiencing significant growth and a rise in demand for cross-border online shopping thanks to high levels of internet penetration.

Once you’ve decided to target Middle Eastern e-commerce markets, understanding the preferences of ME consumers is essential. From product choices to brand loyalty and delivery, local knowledge is key to making a success of any new destination.

Ensure the price is right
  • 40% of Middle Eastern shoppers say lower prices are the main reason they shop online, so make sure consumers browsing for a bargain won’t find a better price on your competitors’ websites.
Find what sells
  • Before selling to any new region, you need to do your research and ensure demand for your e-commerce business exists. In the Middle East, the most popular categories purchased online are books, music, movies and games (bought by 58% of shoppers), followed by health and beauty (48%), electronics and computing (44%) and jewellery, footwear and clothing (42%).
Build your brand
  • Almost half of consumers in the Middle East said they were influenced to make repeat purchases as a result of deals and offers being sent to them and 48% engaged with promotions via social media. Understand how to reach your customers and use it to your advantage!
The Middle East has very few prominent e-commerce marketplaces; the biggest marketplace is Amazon-owned, with 50 million customers per year. Services like Deliveroo are popular in ME, proving demand for online services exists in the region; act fast to make the most of this emerging market.




Asendia’s e-commerce delivery solutions, in partnership with Oman Post and Israel Post, make selling and delivering to the Middle East fast and efficient. Our end-to-end service and local partner Oman Post ensure our logistics service is tailored specifically to the preferences of Middle Eastern online shoppers.

See how we can help you succeed in this exciting new market; contact us today to find out more about our e-commerce solutions for the Middle East.

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