Expand Your eCommerce Sales Globally Starting with the Canadian Market

12 April, 2019


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Are you looking to expand your US-based brand to online shoppers internationally? While many global markets are appealing to internet retailers in the United States, a popular destination for selling internationally is closer than you think.


Canada is brimming with e-Commerce potential for etailers that are ready to expand cross-border. In order to launch an effective campaign, it’s important to include direct marketing in your strategy. This approach will give you a better opportunity to increase brand recognition and establish lasting relationships with your Canadian customers.

Before you make the leap, familiarize yourself with the online buying behaviors of Canadian shoppers. This way, you can provide checkout, shipping, and returns options that align with their preferences. By partnering with a shipping company that has expertise in international markets, you can successfully sell to Canada and even broaden your market into other countries worldwide.

Learn more about how you can confidently expand e-Commerce sales into the Canadian market with this infographic.



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