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31 January, 2023

E-Commerce Destinations

In partnership with Asendia, RetailX has published the Global E-commerce Report 2022, an in-depth analysis of every region’s significant e-commerce markets.

Download the Global E-commerce Report 2022

2022 was a year when assessments of the overall economic outlook changed radically. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February was a huge component in this, in that it had a kind of negative multiplier effect. Economies and businesses that had already been hit by Covid-19 and subsequent supply chain/logistics issues now also had to contend with a spike in energy prices.

The Global E-commerce Report 2022 provides an analytical exploration into the state of global e-commerce, zooming in on 35 different markets and assessing each from a commercial perspective with more than 130 pages of exclusive industry insight: including 350+ original data charts, market-leading analysis and case studies.

The report explores in detail the current state of e-commerce in Africa, Asia, Europe, The Middle East, North America and South America. It looks at their infrastructure, access to the internet and cross border commerce as well as exploring what and where customers in each country buy from.

Further, Renaud Marlière, Asendia's Chief Business Development Director, reflects on the year ahead and the challenges and opportunities it will bring. He offers practical advice for existing e-tailers that want to expand internationally.

As partners we’re delighted to be able to offer you the full report, valued at €999 for free.


E-tailers – Download your free copy today!

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