New global research of 8,000 global shoppers and 800 global retailers

28 March, 2023


Do you really know what your customers want or how to reach them?

As retailers and brands face changing shopper behaviours and an uncertain economic environment, Direct To Consumer (DTC) can provide a strong foundation and increase direct purchases from your brand.

The explosion in the number of commerce channels, now including social media and the Metaverse, which connect retailers
and brands with their customers, at home and abroad, and the enthusiasm with which shoppers have embraced these channels,
presents a tremendous opportunity for companies as they build their DTC business, domestically and across international borders.

Looking deeper into these trends, new research undertaken for this report reveals that authenticity is now a key new driver of
revenue and loyalty for global shoppers using these channels. The majority spend more with brands they perceive to be
authentic and they are also more loyal to authentic retailers. What they expect in return is brands being straightforward on delivering promises, transparency within supply chains, standing up for sustainability, clear brand values, and transparency with
supplier relationships.

What this means, as companies face up to the many challenges posed by the current cost-of-living situation in many countries
as a result of inflation, the long shadow of the pandemic, and the impact of an uncertain geopolitical landscape, is they are
having to plan to serve a customer that is conflicted in their needs and desires.

“The shopper in 2023 wants the world on a string. They say they want to go green and they expect their favourite
brands to be green, but they still want their stuff delivered fast, at the best possible price and to get free and
convenient returns. How brands respond to this paradox will determine the future shape of e-commerce!”
Renaud Marliére, Global Chief Business Development, Asendia

We conducted a global survey of 8,000 shoppers and 800 retailers to find out. Read their responses, influences and challenges within this research report.

Download a free copy of this research report to learn global shopper demands and global retailer expectations for 2023 and beyond:

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