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Our mail and parcel services to the USA are some of our most popular

Asendia’s largest subsidiary is in America, it has several mail centres, and helps the Group develop partnerships with leading  customs brokers and final-mile delivery providers, including USPS.

Approved wholesaler under the USPS Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesaler Program

Asendia USA is an approved wholesaler under the USPS Global Direct Entry® (GDE) Wholesaler Program which offers significant discounts for final-mile delivery of international inbound shipments. So once we transport your mail and parcels into this important region we have the expertise you need to deliver them on time and in the condition you expect. This includes handling the requirements of the Securing the International Mail Against Opioids Act, and US customs.

Our Services

4 e-commerce parcel services to the USA
e-PAQ by Asendia brings you 4 international packet and parcel services. These range from e-PAQ Standard, for low value parcels where a budget-friendly solution is needed, to e-PAQ Elite, where delivery speed is the key driver.

Our most popular parcel service to the USA is e-PAQ Select. This provides the convenience of personal delivery with two free attempts, or collection from 36,000 points. Furthermore, full traceability is provided through Asendia Tracking or the USPS website.

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Returns solutions that will delight you and your shoppers
Returns is a vital aspect of the online shopping experience in the USA, which is why we work hard to provide a superior returns strategy for you, offering a convenient pre-paid local returns solution. We also provide extra returns management services, such as content check, destruction and VAT drawback..

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Specialist Marketing Mail services to the USA
In the USA direct mail is a key marketing channel where a strong ROI can be achieved. La Poste and Swiss Post have arrangements with USPS that we can utilise, helping you send marketing mail to the USA cost effectively.

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Business Mail and Publications
The USA is an important market for many international publishers and businesses, and we support you in getting your mail to recipients in good time and at low cost. We handle all manner of mail, from newspapers and magazines to invoices and letters.

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