Our eCommerce solutions help you expand your business across borders

With a global presence and expertise in eCommerce markets across the world, Asendia is the perfect partner to help you achieve your international ambitions, giving your customers the outstanding experience they deserve. We make cross-border selling easy for you with our range of integrated solutions and unrivalled experience in global delivery.


  • Asendia is a global provider across continents
  • Experts in delivering business-to-consumer orders, with an established global presence
  • An established presence in the key eCommerce markets of Asia, the US, and Europe
  • A wide range of services that simplify the eCommerce experience
  • First-rate digital services and shipping solutions supported by our global strategic partners
  • Cross-border delivery services with tracking options

Ideal for

  • Retailers who sell internationally
  • Online sellers and distance sellers wanting to expand abroad
  • Businesses looking for a simple, consolidatory solution for targeting multiple markets
  • Companies that want to save time and money, preferring to hand over burdensome processes and supplier management
  • Online shops who are looking for the easiest way to manage the eCommerce process with global transaction and local fulfilment solutions
  • Retailers who want a greater global brand presence and to grow their cross-border eCommerce business internationally

Our eCommerce solutions empower your business, supporting your order management, online store and cross-border delivery.

Data services

  • Data Processing
    Data Processing

    Optimise your data lists.

    With Data Processing, you can make the most of your data and minimise mailing wastage. Our services include data cleaning, programming and postage optimisation, helping you target customers and grow your business.

    Contact us today to learn more about Data Processing.

  • Data Services
    Data Services

    Acquire new customers.

    Our Data Services help you find and retain high-quality customers. From supplying mailing lists and data cleaning, to address sorting and document personalisation, we offer a bespoke service that’s suitable for your specific data requirements.

    Contact us today to learn more about Data Services.

  • Postage Optimization for Switzerland
    Postage Optimization for Switzerland

    Optimise your postage for Swiss customers.

    If you’re selling to Switzerland then we can help you sell more effectively to this destination and minimise costs. Let Asendia update and sort your address files for bulk mailings and large-volume press titles.

    Contact us today to learn more about Postage Optimisation for Switzerland.

  • Address Cleaning Services
    Address Cleaning Services

    Make the most of your international data.

    Make sure your international data is fully primed with our Address Cleaning Services and let us support your cross-border relationships with high-quality data. Our services include plausibility checks; updating, structuring and formatting international addresses; and identifying duplicates.

    Contact us today to learn more about Address Cleaning Services.


  • Laser Printing
    Laser Printing

    High quality printing for your letters and cover sheets.

    Benefit from our laser printing services for the finishing touch to your direct mail and parcels.

    Asendia brings you a convenient one-stop-shop service.

    Contact us today to learn more about Laser Printing.

Lettershop and mailing fulfilment

  • Labelling Goods
    Labelling Goods

    Efficient labelling services.

    We’ll label your parcels for you, formatting international addresses correctly and reviewing all your shipments with a local eye. We make sure your goods reach your global customers safely.

    Contact us today to learn more about Labelling Goods.

  • Lettershop

    Lettershop services for your individual mailing requirements.

    We have a one-stop shop for all your letter-preparation needs, providing state-of-the-art inkjet addressing, high-speed polybagging, bespoke inserting, variable messaging and match mailings.

    Contact us today to learn more about Lettershop.

  • Packing and Addressing
    Packing and Addressing

    Packing solutions to prepare your shipments for dispatch.

    We provide a bespoke service to meet your unique shipment requirements, including packaging, addressing and franking for individual items and collective consignments, and sorting.

    Contact us today to learn more about Packing and Addressing.

Direct Mail

  • Easy Direct Mail
    Easy Direct Mail

    A straightforward solution for your direct marketing campaigns.

    We provide excellent access to worldwide distribution of your direct mail, dispatching small-to-medium volumes of direct marketing materials, whether they are brochures, leaflets or other offerings.

    Contact us today to learn more about Easy Direct Mail.

  • Expert Direct Mail
    Expert Direct Mail

    Target international customers with an enhanced service.

    Designed for global mailing prepared in a postage-optimised way specific to each destination, this is the most cost-effective solution for this kind of distribution of direct marketing material. We provide a range of preparation and delivery options, including localisation of your mailings.

    Contact us today to learn more about Expert Direct Mail.

Global eCommerce Solutions

  • Marketing that attracts more shoppers
    Marketing that attracts more shoppers

    Attract more shoppers to your webstore using eShopWorld’s digital marketing team to create go-to-market and audience building strategies that work in global markets. eShopWorld’s eCommerce marketing experts will help you execute market-specific campaigns that eliminate wasted spend, generate the highest ROI, and maximize your growth opportunity.

    Contact us today to learn more about eShopWorld’s marketing services.

  • Local prices for local shoppers
    Local prices for local shoppers

    Maximize sales by taking market-specific price positions that ensure you meet demand at a price point your shopper is willing to pay. Through eShopWorld’s pricing portal, you decide how to display the price, build out local promotional campaigns, embed the cost of promotions into product prices and much more. Shoppers never have to pay more on delivery – guaranteed.

    Contact us today to learn more about international pricing strategy.

  • Frictionless checkout
    Frictionless checkout

    Let shoppers move effortlessly through checkout to the point of purchase. From express checkout to address recognition, eShopWorld has removed all the friction – in every market. You maintain full control over how the checkout looks and behaves, ensuring your shopper remains fully engaged with your brand.

    Contact us today to learn more about eShopWorld’s localized checkout.

  • Easy payments
    Easy payments

    Achieve industry leading payment success rates using eShopWorld’s robust, scalable payments platform. Get access to multiple global and local PSPs and acquirers, and through one integration reach the optimal blend of payment methods, and dynamically route payments through the best performing solution in each market.

    Contact us today to learn more about local payments strategy.

  • Multilingual Customer Service
    Multilingual Customer Service

    Reduce the requirement on your internal customer service team by letting eShopWorld provide multilingual support for all queries related to payments, delivery, tracking, returns, refunds and more. Support your in-house team by accessing a dedicated customer service portal that tracks all order and customer interaction history.

    Contact us today to learn more about eShopWorld’s Customer Service offering.

Marketplace management

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Manage a centralised inventory that gets updated in real-time across all your sales channels. Allocate stock, track inventory better, and generate 100% error- free inventory reports.

    Contact us today to learn more about Inventory Management.

  • Catalogue Management
    Catalogue Management

    Manage all your product listings at one place. Create, list, delete, copy, clone and do all that you ever need to do with your catalogues and manage live listings in just a few clicks.

    Contact us today to learn more about Catalogue Management.

  • Orders Management
    Orders Management

    Receive all orders from multiple sales channels at one place. Filter orders, generate shipping labels & invoices and process orders to get them fulfilled instantly as you receive them.

    Contact us today to learn more about Orders Management.

  • Pricing & Promotions Management
    Pricing & Promotions Management

    Dynamically control the pricing of all products across channels. Create, schedule, run, and manage different types of promotional campaigns & manage everything on a single dashboard.

    Contact us today to learn more about Pricing & Promotions Management.

  • Dashboard, Analytics and Reports
    Dashboard, Analytics and Reports

    Get a holistic view of your selling operations on a single central platform. Get customised and segmented performance reports and important analytics to help you acquire visibility of your operations.

    Contact us today to learn more about Dashboard, Analytics and Reports.

  • eWMS Integrations
    eWMS Integrations

    Grow your business with 100+ ready integrations with eCommerce marketplaces, web stores, accounting & financing tools, Warehouse Management Systems, and ERPs such as SAP and Tally.

    Contact us today to learn more about eWMS Integrations.

Managing orders

  • Inbound Transportation
    Inbound Transportation

    Efficient scheduling for the arrival of goods.

    We manage the inbound transportation process to help you tackle your supply chain challenges while improving transport costs. We can fulfil your inbound logistics needs by optimising routes, coordinating deliveries and ensuring the right goods arrive at the right time.

    Contact us today to learn more about Inbound Transportation.

  • Kitting

    Preparing and configuring packs upfront.

    Our highly experienced team can take on the most complex kitting projects, having handled major assignments for famous brands as well as ongoing kitting work for cross-docking and daily fulfilment customers. We can maximise outbound volumes with this cost-effective and scalable solution.

    Contact us today to learn more about Kitting.

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    Standard inspections and rigorous checks.

    We implement strict quality management and enforce close monitoring to remove downstream error and eliminate customer disruption. Quality control standards are applied to every order, along with any address verification and labelling systems.

    Contact us today to learn more about Quality Control.

  • Fulfilment

    Fulfilment solutions designed for your business.

    From pick and pack to e-inventory, our tailor made fulfilment solutions prepare your goods for delivery quickly and efficiently. Our services support your order management from start to finish.

    Contact us for a custom solution for your country.

  • Warehousing
  • Pick and Pack
    Pick and Pack

    Versatile solutions preparing your shipments for dispatch.

    Our packing and addressing services consist of packaging, addressing and franking for both individual items and collective consignments, including sorting and dispatch preparation. We achieve optimisation through the customisation of individual orders.

    Contact us today to learn more about Pick and Pack.

  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Managing the balance of inventory configuration.

    We manage your stock levels, ensuring your orders are always ready for distribution, helping you to allocate resources where you need them most. We provide a full overview of your stock whenever you need it, and ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained.

    Contact us today to learn more about Inventory Management.

Our full range of eCommerce delivery solutions, including varying levels of tracking, final delivery options and customs payment prefernces means we have all your customers' needs covered.

Customs clearance and GST

  • Import Customs Clearance Goods
    Import Customs Clearance Goods

    Moving your products through customs smoothly.

    Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge of international markets as we help you sell across borders with ease, even into countries with more complex customs requirements, such as Switzerland, Norway and France. Simple, cost-effective and easy.

    Contact us to learn more about Customs Clearance.

  • Customs Duty & Taxes Management