E-commerce Insights

15 October, 2020

Black Friday 2020: How can e-retailers prepare for a surge in online…

Black Friday 2020 and the following months are set to present e-retailers with real challenges - but also opportunities. With fewer…

26 August, 2020

Is e-commerce thriving during the pandemic?

E-commerce has had one of the biggest impacts on virtually every industry in the last few decades.

14 August, 2020

Asendia invests in Asia-Pacific e-commerce technology leader Anchanto

Asendia is now one of the major minority shareholders of Anchanto, a market leader in e-commerce technology in Asia. This significant…

12 August, 2020

Download Insights by Asendia: Issue 3

We’re delighted to announce that the third issue of our printed newsletter, Insights by Asendia, is out now

5 August, 2020

Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report, published by RetailX in…

In partnership with Asendia, RetailX has published the Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report, an in-depth analysis of one of the largest…

29 July, 2020

Should You Offer Free Shipping?

From Apple to DKNY and Adidas to Tiffany & Co., retailers are offering free shipping to entice customers around the world.

13 July, 2020

France 2020: Ecommerce Country Report, published by RetailX in…

In partnership with Asendia, RetailX has published the France 2020: Ecommerce Country Report. This report includes an in-depth analysis…

6 July, 2020

Join Ecommerce Europe for The Europe 2020 Ecommerce Country Report…

Join us on Wednesday, 8th July 2020, at 11:30CET, as Ecommerce Europe presents the 2020 analysis of the European Ecommerce Market, in…

24 June, 2020

Planning for Difficult Shipments and Avoiding Risk

Many products pose problems for international shipments, and it can be difficult for retailers to stay on top of varying local customs…

17 June, 2020

Delivering Packages in Times of Crisis: The Influence of Coronavirus…

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact globally - not only on healthcare, but also on the economy as the pressure on the…

11 June, 2020

3 Useful Tips for Keeping Your Ecommerce Website’s Stock in Order…

The Coronavirus crisis poses many challenges, both on a personal and business level. Many entrepreneurs struggle to keep their heads…

3 June, 2020

Press Tips - Challenges for Companies in Distributing Content and…

For publishers of newspapers, magazines, or industry journals, ensuring the reliable distribution of your content is vital to brand…

27 May, 2020

Shipping to Norway? Be Aware of VAT Changes

With its wealthy society and high consumer spending, the beautiful Kingdom of Norway is one of the world’s most exciting e-commerce…

21 May, 2020

How to Minimise E-commerce Returns – 5 Key Questions

What is the true rate of online returns around the world?  It’s impossible to say, with one source claiming it can be up to 40%, while 

4 March, 2020

Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment from Global Consumers

According to a recent article, the global average rate of shopping cart abandonment is a staggering 75.6%. For retail e-commerce…

19 February, 2020

Is it Time to Rethink Your E-commerce Packaging?

Unprecedented online sales, constant innovation, a boom in start-ups, globalisation of shopping habits… the truth is obvious: it’s a…

6 February, 2020

Mail and parcel delivery to China disrupted by Coronavirus

The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019.nCov) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, is impacting all global businesses…

16 December, 2019

6 Goals Successful E-tailers Pursue

Global e-commerce is continuing its unstoppable rise, with sales expected to reach nearly $3.5 trillion this year.

Last year saw…

13 December, 2019

USA E-commerce Webinar, featuring Asendia

In this webinar, Ecommerce Foundation’s Senior Research Analyst, Sara Lone, discussed the status of Ecommerce in the USA with Asendia’s…

6 December, 2019

Why is International E-commerce in the Middle East Booming?

The Middle East presents a unique, multi-faceted opportunity for international retailers who are looking to tap into rapidly expanding…

27 November, 2019

Which consumers in the Middle East buy the most from foreign web…

Across the region, shoppers are discovering the greater variety and competitive pricing of shopping cross-border.

The e-commerce…

13 November, 2019

How to handle post-holiday returns

The holiday season is fast approaching and e-tailers around the world are getting ready with festive promotions, targeted messaging, and…

6 November, 2019

Australia B2C E-commerce Report 2019

B2C e-commerce turnover is forecast to reach $45 billion in 2019.

6 November, 2019

What Makes Customers Shop Internationally?

Global e-commerce is growing fast as more and more customers head online to purchase goods from overseas retailers.

But what exactly…

29 October, 2019

USA B2C E-commerce Report 2019

B2C e-commerce turnover is forecast to exceed $547 billion this year.

22 October, 2019

The 12 Most Important Trends in 2019 for International Retailers:…

Is there a better time to be involved in e-commerce? Worldwide e-commerce sales are forecast to exceed $3.5 trillion this year, an…

18 October, 2019

Key facts and figures about the Middle East e-commerce market

The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is set to be the next big growth market for e-commerce, with many retailers turning their…

16 October, 2019

Global B2C E-commerce Report 2019

Global B2C e-commerce turnover is forecast to reach over $2 trillion in 2019.

18 September, 2019

Sweden B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP continues to increase with a steady growth rate of over 2%
The Sweden E-commerce Report explores the details of the B2C e-commerce…

4 September, 2019

Denmark B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP continues to increase with a steady growth rate of over 3%. The Denmark Report delves into the facts and figures of the B2C…

19 August, 2019

Things to consider when shipping to Russia

Russia is an increasingly popular destination for cross-border e-commerce retailers

74% of Russia’s population is expected to shop…

18 August, 2019

Russia B2C E-commerce Report 2019

E-commerce turnover is expected to reach almost €18.5 billion this year

'Having a strong logistics partner in Russia is imperative to…

16 August, 2019

The 12 Most Important Trends in 2019 for Cross-Border Etailers: Part 3

The e-commerce industry is flourishing at an incredible rate, with more and more shoppers choosing to visit e-shops for their purchases.

7 August, 2019

Challenges of delivering parcels to the Middle East

The Middle East is an emerging market set to be a major e-commerce destination.

With high levels of internet penetration across the…

7 August, 2019

E-commerce retailers: How to sell to consumers in the Middle East

The Middle East offers huge e-commerce potential for retailers willing to tap into an exciting new market.

Countries such as Saudi…

6 August, 2019

What do US shoppers look for when buying cross-border?

With stable infrastructure and a long history of global trading, the US is an appealing prospect for any business.

As a result of high…

2 August, 2019

How to Gain E-commerce Success in the UK

The UK is one of the most attractive and lucrative e-commerce destinations in the world, with only China and the USA having a bigger…

24 July, 2019

UK B2C E-commerce Report 2019

96% of the general population is expected to be online this year.

9 July, 2019

India B2C E-commerce Report 2019

B2C e-commerce turnover is expected to reach more than $32 billion in 2019.

5 July, 2019

China B2C E-commerce Report 2019

B2C e-commerce turnover is expected to reach more than $723 billion USD in 2019

26 June, 2019

Asendia and DTDC form Strategic Partnership in India

Asendia, the joint venture between La Poste and Swiss Post, and DTDC Express Ltd., a leading Indian Express & Parcel Service Provider,…

20 June, 2019

Discover our new e-commerce solution

As a result of acquiring e-commerce experts wnDirect, Asendia is delighted to offer even more commercialand postal delivery services.

19 June, 2019

New Asendia Fulfilment Center at the Heart of Asia

We’re proud to announce our brand-new Fulfilment Center in Singapore is now open, helping to manage your e-commerce order fulfilment in…

19 June, 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Customs

Having a firm knowledge of customs regulations in target countries is essential if you want to expand your business across borders.

29 May, 2019

Italy B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP is expected to increase this year by 2.19%.

6 May, 2019

Asendia’s Top 5 Tips for Cross-Border Growth

International e-commerce is a growing market. Research from Pitney Bowes Inc. found that around 40% of consumers have purchased goods…

6 May, 2019

France B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP is forecast to grow by 3.2% in 2019.

1 May, 2019

Germany B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP continues to increase with a steady growth rate just below 3%.

16 April, 2019

Belgium B2C E-commerce Report 2019

GDP continues to increase with a steady growth rate of 1.5%.

16 April, 2019

Shipping to Canada? Here’s What Canadian Shoppers Want